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Financial  Recipients

"I only receive Social Security which is hardly enough to pay my bills. I struggle each month to survive, and at my age, I tire very easily. Life is difficult for me these days, to say the least, but I will not burden anyone with further details. I just want to say Thank you to the wonderful people at EDL, this month will be a little easier. Thank you for helping me."

Cathy C.
EDL Client

"I learned today, that EDL is able to help me with a huge electric bill that I am unable to pay. It's been a difficult few months, with my car brakes going out; and my scoliosis accelerating my pain. I am so Very Grateful for this Kindness from EDL! My landlord is threatening to turn off my now that will be one less worry off my mind!" THANK YOU EDL!

Ruth C. FL.
EDL Member

"EDL has offered me assistance in a huge time of need and it couldn't have come at a better time. I've faced many struggles lately, both medically and financially so this is such a blessing to me and my family. I appreciate this more than I can explain."

Esther W.
EDL Client

"Thank you so much for the financial help this month. We will finally be able to stock up on much needed food. Each month is a struggle, and we must decide which bills to pay, and which ones can wait. This month though we can rest easy knowing we have food to eat. Once again thank you for the financial help. We appreciate it. ”

Steve S.
EDL Client
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