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Formal Application Fee$12

Financial  Recipients

" The utility bills these past couple of months have spiraled out of control. Our bills are so disorganized now that we are battling back and forth with social security. I will not bore you with the details here. So frustrating! However, it’s comforting to know that there are people out there willing to help those struggling. Thank you for everything."

Curtis T.
EDL Client

"We need these funds for food and gas for my husband's medical appointments. He is completely disabled and we have no funds. He can no longer work and I am disabled also. Thank you, EDL."

Dorrina M.
EDL Client

"Hello, I am on full Disability. I also take care of my 87yr old Mama who lives with me and U also have custody of and am raising my Grandson he's 11yrs old. This year has been very rough financially. Keeping up with Rent Utilities, Groceries etc. The money will be used to help catch up on some Utility bills to keep them from turning anything off as we have gotten several disconnect notices. Thank you and I am so appreciative and Grateful."

Christal H.
EDL Client

"I was so thankful when I received an email from EDL to say I had been chosen to receive assistance. This extra financial assistance was right on time because I had a leak in my bathroom and the water bill was higher than usual. I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bill; and now with your help, I can pay the water bill, put some gas in my car and buy a few groceries."

Wanda B.
EDL Client
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