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 Financial Recipients

"I learned today, that EDL is able to help me with a huge electric bill that I am unable to pay. It's been a difficult few months, with my car brakes going out; and my scoliosis accelerating my pain. I am so Very Grateful for this Kindness from EDL! My landlord is threatening to turn off my now that will be one less worry off my mind! THANK YOU EDL!"

Ruth  C.

"I receive disability, I do not have enough for basic means like internet or trash, definitely not any insurance outside of Medicare. This causes such stress & pressure on me every day of my life. But because of the compassion of those at EDL, I have an emergency need that can be met and a day in life I can enjoy, even if only one. They are a blessing from God."

Stellar D. 
Happy Client

"You are a wonderful and grateful blessing to me and my household. I prayed for an answer to help me with unexpected utility bills. Paying those bills meant less food on the table. I am so joyful that you came in the nick of time. This assistance has prevented dismay and saved my budget. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Constance S.
Happy Client
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